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While buying and selling a property are both complex and difficult, today in a sellers’ market finding the right customer for your property could be quite challenging. You might be able to find a customer but the problem is to find the right one. This is because the market is flooded with real estate promoters, apartment builders and also private individuals and companies who are there to sell their properties in the market. In such situation, there is a need for small players to find out ways and means to sell their properties at the right price. Towards this objective it is extremely important to take the help and assistance of professionals having experience and expertise in this area. We are today considered as a reputed and well known service provider for all assistance that may be required for either buying or selling a property.

Though selling a property from the legal point of view may not be as complicated as buying a property, there is no doubt that there are quite a few important aspects that need to be taken care of. The biggest challenge is identifying the right buyer who will be in a position to honour the terms of the contract and see that the ownership gets transferred within the stipulated time period. Towards this objective we as a service provider have a big role to play. We examine the credentials of the buyer and ensure that he or she will be in a position to honour the terms of the contract. If not, we will advise the customer to rescind the contract and walk out of it.

The next important point that needs to be taken into account is to ensure that the seller has cleared the outstanding in the bank where his property could be mortgaged. Unless this happens the seller will not be able to get back the legal and property documents that are lying with the bank as security for the loan. Getting the loan pre-closed and getting the documents back is a long job and we can play a very proactive role in the whole matter. Therefore there is no doubt that when a customer decided to take our help and assistance for any matter related to selling of properties there are a number of advantages and benefits that could come their way. We also ensure that the whole process is completed within a time bound period and the money is collected and deposited to the sellers’ accounts


Selling A Property - Useful Tips

Selling a property has never been so difficult considering the slump in demand for real estate and also because of increased competition in this area. Hence, whenever a customer has the need to sell a real estate property, they usually take the help of real estate agents. While real estate agents play the role of connecting buyers and sellers, we are someone who is considered to be a one stop solution for all matters related to real estate buying and selling.

We have a number of benefits to offer to our customers whenever they approach us for selling a home. First and foremost we help them to identify the right buyer after taking into account their specific needs and requirements. Once the seller has identified a few buyers from the list provided by us, we touch base with them and help zero in on the right seller buyer on various parameters. While the price being offered is perhaps the biggest parameter, we also try and get details about the financial strength of the buyer and find out whether he will be able to honour the terms of agreement once it is drawn. This is because there have been many instances where buyers have made a token payment and have dragged the agreements for months at length making the entire process very painful for the seller. Hence, we pay attention to the finer points with regard to time, enforceability clauses and withdrawal clauses and so on. All these goes long way in protecting the rights of the seller without impinging on the rights of the buyer in any way

We also play a role in helping the seller to release the legal documents that could be lying with banks because he might have taken loans against the same. Pre-closing the loan and getting the documents released is also a big process and the customer being busy as he is would do well to let us handle the job on his behalf. Further it would also be prudent to mention here that we also help the seller to transfer the ownership the buyers within the shortest possible time. We play a big role in ensuring that the proceeds of sale are realized and the same is transferred to the account of the seller with zero loss of time. Taking the above into account selling a property can become an easy job provided you avail our services.






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