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Privacy Policy

We understand the curiosity of the new entrant to know the safety and security of the information that one is providing in the property market with request for Conveyancing and Soliciting while buying the home property. We collect these information from visitors from various sites and collect data information from the clients who are primarily visitors to these sites as well as helping in the services where we may require soliciting expert assistance.
  • We collect data and fill in the sequence as provided in the form.
  • The data so filled in and received will always be used for collecting data and information that is to be filled in and used for good approaches offers to be sent to the clients
  • The data that has been collected via email will be virus scanned and free of viruses.
  • One can contact us through emails and send data and auto fill the data when you log in once again.
  • People use the personal information to send us queries and all these information sent as queries also will be saved in the computer.
  • The information sent shall not be resent, or used or saved anywhere at the net where it can be accessed and used by any other personal or commercial purposes
  • It is purely kept in good safe for our or your professional purposes only
  • We also utilize the information to be a part of our case studies for the other property managers and consultants when we shall contact the real owners of the property to give us the permission to share their details over the presentation while representing an exclusive information of a real transaction
  • In past our clients have shared many crucial information which are always stored and we take care that they are never leaked
  • Our website utilizes cookies that store all the data and auto fills the data, in case you log in again.
  • We do not even use the cookies that which are personal information which are then stored by the computer data while one searches the information. Only as much is shared so much is required by the system admin of the web server.

Right to know (Right to Information)

There is another angel to the privacy policy that we have adopted that is to share the information pertaining to the particular client to that client with the help of the website. They hold complete rights to seek the information that they have shared with them.
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