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Commercial Leases

Commercial Leases - Important Points That Should Be Kept In Mind

Whenever there is a need to go in for commercial lease the tenant has to keep in mind various important factors and matters. It would be important to have a look at the same over the next few lines. The main objective of a commercial lease is to allow the tenant to enjoy staying in premises in exchange for some monetary consideration. The entire consideration payable and the benefits that are allowable to him depend on the contract of lease that has been entered into between the tenant and the leaser. Hence, we can play a big role in helping out our customers to get the right property on lease after examining the various factors and considerations.

First and foremost, before entering into the contract for commercial lease, the onus is on the lessee to ensure that all legal documents and property documents of the leaser have been examined. This is very important and needed for the purpose of ascertaining the actual owner of the property. Once this is done drawing up the agreement is another important role where we have a big role to play. We have over the years finalized hundreds of such commercial lease agreement on behalf of our customers. Hence, we know the finer points that need to be a part of such lease agreement. Many such points could have big legal implications and therefore we think through the entire process before inking such commercial lease agreements.

We also help the customers to choose the right commercial lease agreement taking into account his specific needs and requirement. There could be lease agreements where the customer will agree to pay only the rent. Other periodical expenses like property tax and other such levies payable will be taken care of by the buyer. The regular recurring expenses like gas, water and energy costs are usually payable by the lessee and this fact also should be mentioned in the agreement. We take special care to distinguish between rent and other expenses so that there is complete clarity in the matter. Further, we also step in to either terminate or extend the lease agreement once the tenor is over. Here too we play a role in re-fixing the rent payable and always try to work out a deal that is advantageous to the customer. Hence, taking the above points into account there is no denying the fact that we have a very important role to play in all mortgage refinancing related matters.

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