Buying First Home Adelaide

Tips For Buying First Home At Adelaide - Conveyance & Related Matters

The happiness and excitement associated with first time home purchase has to be tempered with the fact that there are quite a few steps and processes that need to be gone through. While there is nothing wrong looking out for the dream home, it should be done with lot of care and caution. From the identification stage itself, it would be better to avail the services of quality professionals. One should look for service providers who offer a single-window clearance rather than trying to do it on their own. Buying a home starts with the budget that you have in mind and this is where we can contribute quite positively.

For example, when the customer comes up with a particular budget that he or she has in mind, then we start looking for the right property.  We play the role of real estate agents with flair and with great professional efficiency. We are usually able to identify quite a few such properties within a few days. This talks volumes about the kind of network that we have in place. Once this is done, we also play the role of conveyancing professionals, valuers, lawyers and other such professionals. Hence, as customers one can be sure that they are well and truly looking at a single umbrella solution for all matters connected with first time home buying.

Once the right property has been identified, we start the due diligence process. We first identify whether it is a new property or an old one. There may not be much of a problem with a new property, except for having a close look at the land in which the property is being built. However, when it comes to old property there could be the need to search the entire list previous owners. This will help us to find out whether the property has moved from one entity to another in the right way, following all the required processes and steps under the law. This should also be reflected in the registrars’ records which also we find out.

Further we also play the role of an enabler to help the buyer to raise loans from banks for funding his new home purchase, of course if it is needed. We also look at the property and try and find out whether are any easement and covenant problems which could hamper unbridled right to use the property without any infringement or trespassing.


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