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An owner of a real estate property or a buyer, both need professional conveyancing services when looking to sell or buy their home or apartment respectively.

A seller indeed expects to be yielded a fruitful monetary return from the property at stake. Who at best can steer the wagon for a property seller than a team of qualified valuation, legal and conveyancing specialists.

We are awarded the Silver status as the best Small Conveyancer Estate Agency of 2013, by the Sunday Times, and this accolade signals the depth of knowhow that we carry, having the potential to make the buyer and seller sit back and rejoice alike. We have been commended over the years to make it easy for small buyers and sellers comprehend and benefit from the nuances posed by the legal obligations.

Not only does a buyer needs to beware when deciding to buy a property, but a seller equally needs to exercise caution and must enlist an able buyer with good financial credentials to conclude the transaction with ease. This is where we absorb the load on our customersí and on their behalf attract the right buyer, thereby providing exceptional services that most of our competitors donít.

To make this possible, a team of experienced marketing executives is drafted to scrutinize the best buyer in the shortest possible timeframe. Our valuation specialists are specifically interested in helping our customers to discover the apt and fair market value of their property so as to reap fruitful outcomes.

Once this is done, the crucial and sensitive phase of drafting the legal sale agreement document comes where we are always eager to help our customers. Initially our customers are presented with a draft copy of the proposed agreement whereby each angle of the same are thoroughly discussed with them in detail so as to inculcate their interests at best.

After the same is ratified by the seller, the buyer is approached to consent the agreement. When the two parties involved are on the same page, the governmental, legal formalities are met with on a stamp paper. The sale deed is then registered at the local authorities with smoothness since the government revenue departments also appreciate the quality of our work.

It is also catered to by us to make sure that the buyer meets all the stipulated terms of the contract within the stated and agreed timeframe. Lastly, we do stretch our efforts in confirming that the transaction payment is received by our customers in their bank account and that the agreement is adhered to in totality.

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